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Minecraft ReviewMinecraft is the indie game that has taken the world by storm. With over 2.5million sales, Minecraft has become one of the most popular indie games ever. The game was originally developed by Markus "Notch" Persson, before the success of the game after which he founded Mojang, his own games company. Markus still works on the game, updating it all the time as it is officially still in 'Beta' stage. His company, Mojang, is also working on a new game called Scrolls.

What is it?

Minecraft is a game with blocks, creepers and bad graphics. You find yourself stranded in a strange world full of pigs, zombies and exploding green creepers – the only aim is to survive and build. You can 'punch' trees, collect wood and build a house, before venturing deep below the surface of the Minecraft world to gather resources such as coal, iron and the rare diamond. At night and underground in dark caves monsters spawn and attempt to painfully murder you.

The Good

Firstly, Minecraft is horribly addictive. Once you start playing you are sure to be hooked. As there is no way to 'complete' the game, there's unlimited possibilities. Even if you think your world is looking pretty awesome, you can create a new one – take a different route. Also the Minecraft world is practically endless, you can keep on walking for hours as the game randomly generates new land with various biomes such as snow, wood and desert areas. Multiplayer is another addictive trait to Minecraft, you can log on with your friends and build giant buildings and structures. Minecraft's soundtrack is amazing! The feeling you get when your up on hill looking over your world, the world that you have built whilst the tranquil music of C418 is playing in the background. The soundtrack is part of what really brings the game alive, from peaceful tracks which relax you whilst building to the tracks which get the adrenaline going as you battle giant spiders in an underground dungeon.

The Bad

As great as Minecraft is, there are also some downfalls. The graphics are lacklustre to say the least. However, many believe that this brings a certain charm to the game. If you really hate the graphics of Minecraft there are hundreds of texture packs created by the community available for free download. CREEPERS! The bane of all Minecraft players. This monsters are completely silent as they creep up behind you, and when they get in range of you they explode dealing damage and destroying all blocks nearby – including the house you just spent all that time building. God I hate creepers.

Where to get it

The only place to get Minecraft is from the Official Website or

If you are looking for game mods or texture packs, check out the Minecraft Forums.

The Minecraft Wiki is a great place for beginners to Minecraft.

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